Horison Mayo Resort Jayapura

Jalan Tobati - Holtekamp, Kec. Muara Tami, Kota Jayapura


Horison Mayo Resort Jayapura


About the hotel

Horison Mayo Resort Jayapura

Horison Mayo Resort is a picturesque beach front resort in Jayapura. It is located in the east of town, less than 10 minutes’ drive to the iconic Jembatan Merah Youtefa and beautifully situated by the sea side of Holtekamp Beach. Feel the world class hospitality with Indonesia authenticity for both business and leisure to ensuring your convenience.

Hotel facilities

  • Air Conditioning

  • Taxi

  • Taxi

  • Wifi

  • Bathub

  • Shower

  • Music

  • Breakfast

  • TV

  • Fax