@HOM Simpang Lima Semarang

Jl. Pandanaran 119 Semarang

024 86449000

@HOM Simpang Lima Semarang


About the hotel

@HOM Simpang Lima Semarang

@Hom Simpang Lima Semarang is 3 star hotel managed by Metropolitan Golden Management (MGM.) .Located  in premium area of Semarang city which makes @Hom the right place to stay as it takes only 10 minutes to the International Airport A. Yani and 15 Minutes to Tawang Station. The strategic location of @Hom takes only 3 minutes to Semarang city center, Simpang 5, where various kinds of entertainment, culinary, central area of government as well as business are well provided.

@Hom Simpang Lima Semarang has 121 rooms with 4 room types and also 5 Meeting Rooms with capacity 25 - 150 pax. With many varieties breakfast menu from international until traditional menu make @HOM as the best hotel in its class 


Hotel facilities

  • Air Conditioning

  • Taxi

  • Taxi

  • Wifi

  • Bathub

  • Shower

  • Music

  • Breakfast

  • TV

  • Fax